First Android Pico Projector Mobile Phone – i8520 Galaxy Beam

We have seen pico projector mobile phones here at microprojectors, they have worked, they have failed but overall the concept is sound, your mobile phone is becoming increasingly the device of your life – it’ll store your files, play your films, music, access your spotify, send emails and nearly everything else that your home pc would have done 5 years ago, or indeed today. Surely with the developments in mobiles there needs to follow development in display mechanisms? Enter Pico projector mobile’s. Touch capacitive screens are all good, but show your friend a photo at 4 inch or 60 inch? Only tiny pico projector’s can offer that strait from the device in hand (lol)

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Microvisions ShowWX Global Rollout Continues…

We posted a while back when MicroVision (MVIS) started formally made the ShowWX available to US customers and even before then about rumours and deals with Vodaphone in Spain and Uniden in Australia, well it seems slowly but surely Microvision have got there – the ShowWX is now much more widely available globally, even if a quick search on showWX does reveal that its not directly available in the uk.

This PR release on PRWire shows Uniden are committed to rolling out the re branded showWX, although I do wonder on how well it will do. Australia is a big country and a large market for good gadgets, that is undeniable. Uniden certainly have the capacity too. The main factor that make me question its popularity in Aus would be the lateness to market – although I guess this is more a general gripe against the slow showWx rollout. Perhaps its laser drive will wow the average gadgeteer down under but I guess that’s to be seen. Certainly the backing of Uniden will lead to a significant marketing campaign unlikely to be matched by any other pico brand, which will in fact probably benifit the technology as a whole.

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Compare Pico Projectors’ Price update!

It’s been a while, lots has happened in the last month but things are finally returning to a normal state of play. First up we have just updated all of the current pico projectors on our pico projector comparison site, so if you are looking to buy one in the uk check it out – it has most of the currently available microprojector’s with their resolutions, brightness’s and best prices/places to buy as at today.

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Normal Micro Projector 5 Service to be resumed shortly…

If you hadn’t noticed we have been a bit slow in posting new and interesting items on micro projector 5 this past few weeks – well in fact currently I am taking a break – so posting is all but scheduled pico projector posts. Although I may be 5924 Miles away (approximately) I can still write to say that normal, topical picoprojector coverage will be resumed shortly – well around late April to be precise. We do have some excellent posts though that should tide us over until then – so do still watch this space 😉

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We Got you – April Fools – Full HD 1080p Pico Projector – NOT YET!

Ok so yesterday we had a bit of a dream with the idea that some pico projector technology company had launched “the worlds smallest pico projector, which was also capable of full 1080p hd” – yes it was an Aprils Fool and yes we did get a fair few of you! haha! Sorry, perhaps teasing you all with the idea of a matchbox sized 1080p pico was a bit mean, but don’t worry because within a few years I would expect this to be standardly available (even here in the uk!!)

We know pico projector developers are upping resolutions and working towards a full hd resolution, so that will happen – but “Hyper-Laser-Hybrid” is alas probably not the way it will happen. A full HD laser pico projector would be amazing but its unlikely that some sort of multi laser unit hybrid could work – its more likely the actual single units will be refined rather than coupling, although in theory it could work, its harder to commercially produce multi part optics.

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Worlds Smallest pico projector launched – FULL HD (1080p) from matchbox size

Today MicroProjector has an exclusive on a new pico projector launched this very morning – at 8am it was confirmed that the worlds smallest pico projector will be launched to market in the coming weeks – smaller than a matchbox and putting out full HD at 1080p up to 200 inchs it will be using the amazing new technology for pico proejction called hyper-laser-hybrid.

This Full 1080p pico projector will have a 2 hour batterylife and feature a HDMI input only, due to its tiny size it presumably would be impossible to fit anything else on this tiny little gadget. The first pico projector too offer HD (high definition) resolution, let alone full 1080p (FULL HD) – jumping from the previous highest resolution pico of about 880x600px right up to 1920x1080px.

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Hottest Gadget of 2010: Pico Projectors

With a title like that how could you not read this? Yes ok so there’s no real proof yet that this will be the case, but certainly if you look at some companies sales figures it would hint that its going to be a good year for the pico projector. Storming ahead of the same old gadgets into the lead of popular culture, could the tiniest of tiny projectors become huge this year?

With a bit of luck the quality will be there – really it all comes down to the quality. Pico Projectors could be the hottest gadget in 2010 – if the tech manufacturers keep up the quality, keep pushing the boundaries of resolutions, brightness, contrast and colour quality. As it stands there are some neat little pico’s – but really if you had to pick out the most famous it would probably be the microvision (MVIS) showWx – I almost grow tired of writing the name of that pico the amount we discuss it here at micro projector 5.

It has managed to grow to stardom through mass marketing really – yes its the first laser pico – yes its very innovative, but in reality just because its powered by red, green and blue lasers doesn’t actually make it totally the best pico.

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