3M MPro110 Micro Digital Projector Review

The 3M Mpro 110 Micro Projector is the first of a series of micro projector reviews for microprojector5.co.uk, we will try to get a feel for the longevity, quality and value of each of the currently available micro projectors and rate them accordingly.


This one is sold with the following features:

  • Ideal for meetings, sales pitches, impromptu business presentations, even just for fun.
  • Switch off instantly and put in your pocket or bag with no fuss, allowing you to take it anywhere
  • Compatible with laptops, video MP3 players, video mobile phones and other multimedia devices.
  • Powered by either on-board battery (up to 60 minutes continuous presentation) or AC mains.
  • Projects video and ‘still’ content up to 1270mm (50″) image size.

Technical Details

  • Native Resolution: 640 x 480 VGA
  • Supported Res: 640×480 VGA, 800×600 SVGA,
  • Supported Res: 1024×768 Some 1280 x 768 WXGA (TBD)
  • Format: NTSC, PAL
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Minimum Image Size: 6 inch Diagonal
  • Maximum Image Size: 50 inch Diagonal
  • Inputs: Composite Video, VGA
  • 1 Year Warranty

Strait off the bat you can see some clear possitives, even just looking at the spec its quite amazing 3m have managed to get a projector capable of up to 1280 x 768 pixel dimensions into a handheld device. The fact its native resolution should mean that we get a regular res of that, so the higher res would be a downgraded equivilent in theory. Its also nice that the range goes from a tiny 6 inch diagonal to 50 inch diaganol output. This makes the projector as useable on the bus as it is in your front room.

So we got a mpro 110 and have been using it for the last 7 days. Its really the first major player on the mini projector market to come from a big brand name (3m) and surprisingly it isn’t as buggy as first products usually are – it comes out of the box and works pretty quickly, the picture is pretty good for such a small device. The resolution is a shame when viewing text and web pages through it as it downgrades it when we pump through a laptop, but for video, films, media etc its more than watchable.


It strikes us as an excellent example of a handheld projector, it fits snugly in your hand and connects to any laptop as easily as any normal projector or monitor (we tested with 3 different laptops, 2 pcs and a blu ray player outputting to it.) Its a phenominal device for when your out and about, people are still amazed when you show them as the mainstream hasn’t seen them about much – we found it especially good for music visualisation, it would be great to have one intergrated into the ipod or another mp3 device!

All in all this digital micro-projector is very good for such a newly released product. You certainly get your moneys worth at £269, it performs well, is tiny, has a good sturdy build (we have been using strait for a week and its not showing any sign of even wear) and backed up by 3m you cant really go wrong with this micro projector. Its downside (if you can call it one) is that is a tad ugly, this of course is soon lost as people are amazed at such a small projector producing clear images on a wall, bus seat, table, ceiling or whatever!

We rate this a 9/10 for such a newcomer it seems very well built!

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