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The AAXA tech P1 Projector is claimed to have superior contrast, colour range and power useage at a fraction of the cost of some other micro projectors currently available in the market.

Taken from the AAXA P1 Pico Projector website: “AAXA Technologies announces the release of its P1 micro projector. Combining off-the-shelf components with AAXA’s proprietary LCOS chip, AAXA’s micro projector brings affordability to the pocket projector market while improving brightness and image quality. Weighing in at 6 ounces and no larger than most PDAs, this diminutive unit projects a usable 12 lumens at a resolution of 640×480. The unit is capable of producing excellent picture quality and brightness in most lighting conditions. Do not confuse the AAXA P1 pico projector with similar knock-offs. It features a superior optical engine and LCOS image for bigger, brighter, clearer images. The P1 has no image edge distortion and offers superior video processing for smoother, cleaner videos.”


“Picture quality is excellent in low-light conditions even with a 60″ picture. Multiple input sources are accepted including VGA, Composite, as well as direct hook-ups to Ipods, Iphones, PSPs, and a myriad of cell phones. With 1GB built in and a micro SD card port the storage capacity is virtually unlimited. The onboard file menu and decoder plays virtually all media formats including MP4, AVI, WMA, JPG, GIF, etc. Battery life is rated at 45 to 60 minutes (depending on speaker use) and replacement battery packs are available. With an MSRP of $239 included with the projector is battery, composite input cable, and charger. Ipod / Iphone, PSP, and other input adapters are available separately. ”

We look forward to seeing if it lives up to these bold claims, but it is worth noting a few different things from this micro projector company product description.  Firstly the price is very very low, with the dollar-pound conversion ratio as bad as it has got it is still low within the uk (£164 at posting this) – this is the lowest entry micro projector (pico) we have featured and is ver very affordable. This is good as it avoids the necessity to go to import unbranded microprojectors, however we do feel that this price may be representitive, the short life span may be this mini’s downfall with a max of 60 minutes from a single charge. Other more expensive micro projectors claim up to 3 hours on their single battery.

Other than the battery time though the projectors features look to be fairly bog standard, a top current end resolution of 640×480 is pretty much as good as you can get in a handheld projector at this point, and the 1gb of built in memory is very good, a clean adapter from the iPod to micro projector is also a great possibility.

All in all for the money this micro projector seems to do well on its features, although you might need to have it plugged in a lot, or at least have several backup batteries if you want to watch a whole film using it.

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