5 Points on Buying a Pico Projector..

With the possible xmas sell out of pico projecotrs and small palmtop projectors you might be thinking of getting your gadget early, well potentially its an excellent idea but theres still things to remember when buying any gadget – heres our 5 points to remember when purchasing a pico projector in the run up to christmas (or even for business use!)

1. Pico Projector Use

This really is something you need to sit with a cup of tea and a clear head and think about. What are you hoping to use your new pico projector for? why buy a pico projector? If video and film are your aim’s then get a good contrast ratio and a bright bulbed pico, if your more hoping to use it to demonstrate to people on the train a slideshow it might be better to buy a more business end pico projector.

2. Model

While the market of pico projector’s is only just starting to kick off there are already a fair number of offers at the retail table, ranging from the 3m mpro micro projector (one of the first to be released) all the way through a host of arond 10 bring brand pico’s (samsung, optima etc) and including around 20 smaller brand/oem pico projectors available. This really is where your researching comes in, we have a lot of information on microprojector5.co.uk so read around, we will be offering a breakdown table showing you the best choices within the coming weeks. This also includes resolution, depending on what you decided you want to use your pico projector for you will want to get a higher resolution as possible if its not 100% movies, and still then you may want too – its also “native resolution” you want to look at on the specifications as others are munipulations of that resolution.

3. Budget

How much money are you looking to spend on buying a pico projector? Whats the best deal you can get for your £$£ in the current pico-projector market. Its a great time to shop around on the net, Amazon is a good starting point (Click Here) but there are a huge number of retailers now selling these little projectors so do your homework and you might save yourself some money (Amazon remains the best value at this point.)


Cashflow, at least to business’s and teenagers seem’s to be a constant battle, some business make millions just by excelent cashflow management. Due to the relatively small price of most pico projectors (most retail at under £300 gbp) this probably wont factor too much in your purchase, however if they begin to sell out near christmas it might – work out when is best for you to make your purchase.

5. Environment

Often one we forget as western consumers, but it really is one of the most important things you need to think about when you buy anything. Magnesium, mercury and other harmful chemicals in some cheaper micro projectors may seem unharmful locked away in a plastic case but if its a present for kids would you want that even within a mile of your child? Furthermore how long do you think you will keep it? perhaps you should remember to save the box so as you can at least sell it on to be reused afterwards – giving a bit more time before it is dumped. We are hoping for some more directives from the big brands to make as efficient and pollutant free a pico projector as possible!

Well thats it – our top 5 things to remember whe buying a pico projector this year, look out for our table of comparison of pico projectors coming up in the next few weeks!

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