Cinemin Micro Projector Drops in price


Could it be that cineman are dropping their pico’s price to be a little bit more competitive with the optima and 3m equivilents? or did the recent launch of the first camera-micro projector (link) prompt a concern that saves the consumer fifty pounds? Either way its a good thing for people that want a nice ipod compatible pico projector.


Originally the WowWee Cinemin Swivel microprojector was launched at CES in june, with a price of £349 – But the company are now saying that this swivelling little pico projector is set to hit uk stores in september, fifty quid cheaper! They have given a new release that says “will retail for £299.99 GRP and will be available from from September”. The cinemin is powered by the Texas Instruments DLP microprojector technology and boasts ipod compatibility, lightweight design (its been compared to a chocolate bar) and enough battery power to last most feature length films. Its unique selling point however is arguably its capacity to hinge up to 90degrees allowing you to use it without a stand to project on any wall or the ceiling!


What do YOU think?