Micro Projector and PS3 Slim?

With all this (very early) talk of christmas and all the birthdays that seem to fall in the last quarter of the year we all start to begin to plan our present shopping, maybe even a little personal reward for working at a project through the year or sticking through some tough times. Why not go slim before boxing day’s new years commitments and try out a tiny projector and the new slimline ps3?

ps3 slim line combo package?

Such great combo’s rarely present themselves but this is one that cannot be ignored – the brilliance and quality of the playstation 3 – in a 2/3 the size footprint – couple that with a micro projector and there you have a small, power efficient and mobile entertainment rig. All they need to do is make the ps3 run from batterys then you could literally play ps3 on the bus! But all dreams aside the drawback is that micro projector’s are not yet full hd – but there is 720 hd compatible pico projector’s out there – which as much as Sony PS3 promotes full hd would suffice for 99% of the playstation 3’s games – which work in 720 hd.

What could go better – a high resolution hand held projector and a slim line gaming rig with a 120gb hard drive – not only will you be able to play high res high quality games on the ps3 but itll also play blu ray films (resolution would be downsized for the pico projector but still be HD), other stored video on the new ps3 slim”s bigger 120gb hard drive and also surf the web using the ps3’s built in browser.

The only real points worth noting about this wonderful combo is that the ps3 only accepts FAT storage – so no files bigger than 4gb, but this is fixed by streaming video to it from a pc – which can easily be set up!

Check out the combo of the ps3 slim and the optoma PK101 – the latest and greatest technology combo that KnowOne has yet!!!

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