3M MPro 120 Pico Projector Launched!

It seems like only yesterday 3M released their first mass market pico projector, the Mpro110 – but already they have improved on that and brought out the 3M Mpro 120 Micro Projector. Before we take a look, what we were perhaps hoping for – the higher resolution isn’t here – the 3m mpro120 is sticking with the vga, 640×480 pixel display – but according to 3M they have made a whole bunch of improvements – lets have a look at these improvements!


First of all the new 3M Pico has the newly developed ‘MM200 projection engine’ – perhaps pointing to an embeddable application by name, this could mean 3M are seriously putting a lot more Research and Development money into the micro projector. With the resolution sticking to 640×480 (4:3 Aspect Ratio) but other features being piled on – this might be the engine that powers alot of the new handheld projection devices out there..or at least thats probably what 3M are hoping.

The major selling point of the Mpro120 is that it will “Connect easily to almost any laptop or video device for simple, quick presentations and image sharing” – the empasis here is on the “almost any” and the “simple, quick” – the new projector is aiming to be better in the areas the last one suffered most – basically designed to plug into any laptop, netbook, PMP, phone, camera, console, pc its aimed at the less geeky market. Its also a wonder whether going for the “simple and quick” – (lower resolution) option will be a winner with mass market for micro-projectors – and whether a higher resolution one will pop up and snatch all the sales – (we arent expecting one for 6 months or so.)


Same old 50inch diagonal projection capacity is claimed, but with an increased brightness of 12 lumens it should work better in brighter rooms – But be warned – 12 Lumens is only achieved in a “Enhanced Brightness-Mode”, which may half the pico’s battery. Although that might not matter with the Mpro120 as they have more than doubled the battery life – the original micro projector lasted 60 minutes at best on a single charge, while the new model can last up to four hours! Thats past the long film marker and a good leap forward.

Launched on the first of this month you can now purchase the Mmpro 120 at Amazon
for £299 with a soft pouch, to be honest at the moment this is pretty much the best you can get!

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to Check out the MMPRO 120 at Amazon – it’s MicroProjector5.co.uk’s best micro projector of the moment

On sale now complete with soft pouch, the MPro12o will set you back £299.


3M Quotes on the MMPro 120 – New 3M Micro Projector:
“Following the success of the MPro110, the MPro120 will further reinforce 3M’s leadership position in the development and implementation of advanced projection technologies,”
“The functionality of the MPro120 represents technical achievements that were manageable only by the long-term commitment to research and development that is 3M’s hallmark.”


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