Optoma Pico Pocket Projector

If you hadn’t noticed already Micro Projectors is awarding its Pico Projector of the Year award to the Optoma pico pocket projector. We have decided to split our awards up and roughly run them in line of generations of pico projectors, as the new wave of pico projector’s (generation 2 pico projectors) are coming out now (the 3m mpro 120 pico for example) this award is more of a “best of the past 12 months” – which in this case is pretty much the launch of all the major pico projector’s. So Pico projector of the year 2009 goes to the optoma pico projector – its been the best since it came out and it remains still a very sensible buy.

Its a great first model to release – its long lasting but quality and shows up a lot of the competition. If your looking for a good value micro projector its still a good option till this day – its price has now dropped near the £200 mark – a very good price for a brand new pico projector and considering all the other pico’s at around 200 in the uk now – its the best you are going to get for that money. So an all round good value, good quality cream of the crop, a new-comer with style and substance – and probably the best option if your looking for a handheld pico pocket projector within the next 3 months – recommended for film projecting and would make an excellent christmas gadget gift! Ladys and gentlemen, we give you the pico projector of 2009 – the Optoma PK101.

This pico is cheapest on Amazon at £209 (click her to view) (if you have a micro direct account its £212 there – click here to view)

Check out the full spec’s for the optoma and buy micro projector 5’s pico projector of the year @ Amazon – CLICK Here

Optoma Pico Pocket Projector

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