AAXA P2 Pico Projector Review

Welcome to a guest review by Mike on the AAXA P2 Pico Projector, speaking from firsthand knowledge about his day to day use of the AAXA P2. Mike is well founded on his opinion on the pico projector as he has owned several others:


I noticed there’s been a lot of chatter about micro / pico projectors. Lots of confusion too with mixed reviews and many reviewers warning people away from laptop / business use. I’ve owned a few so I thought I would share my experiences. To begin I’ve owned the Optoma PK101, Dell M109S, and the AAXA P1 projectors.

After almost a month on back order 🙁 I just received my AAXA P2 micro projector this week and I thought I would share my experiences.

To summarize my feelings about the AAXA P2 – WOW! 😀 This projector is an 800×600 33 lumen battery powered projector. The detailed specs are here:


I own a printing business so I am out meeting clients very frequently. I’ve owned the Optoma PK101 and the AAXA P1 which while very cool toys and great for videos, really were not up to the job of doing presentations – the color and resolution were not ok, embarrassing at times frankly. I have also seen the 3M Mpro in action at Office Depot – it performs the same which basically means it’s not ok for business / client meeting use.


I can say the AAXA P2 absolutely blows the other pico projectors away. The resolution, color quality, black levels, and above all the portability is fantastic.

Now I do own the Dell M109S projector also, which I must say is a great projector. It’s a 858×400 55 lumen projector. The specs are here:


I like the Dell projector, it is brightness and color quality are good for my uses, but the major downside is that it is bigger (it’s still pretty small), it has a substantial power brick (doubling the size) and it has no onboard file viewer, remote control, etc.

The AAXA P2 addresses all these issues as it is battery powered, has a file / video player, and is 1/4 the size when you take the power source (batterY) into consideration. In terms of brightness – honestly I couldn’t tell the difference. I would say the AAXA P2 has slightly worse color quality than the Dell, but it is definitely good enough for my needs.


The picture quality in bright areas is really good where you’re used to the low brightness that the Optoma / P1 throws. It’s night and day really… I will let you judge for yourself, the picture below is a ~50″ image with half the lights left on in my printing area. The picture quality with the lights turned off is fantastic the pictures below also show a ~60″ image with the lights off with some daylight / flourescent light streaming in. But where the other pico projectors really failed and the P2 does well is Excel, Word, and webbased presentations. The P2’s text, graphics, and chart clarity is very good – good enough to present to 18 people with the lights off (I’ve done it).

But where the P2 really knocks it out of the park is portability. This projector is battery powered which means no power cords, adapters, etc. Also with its built in file / video viewer I can just load the pictures / videos into the unit, do a quick presentation, without having to bring out the laptop, boot up, and hook up power cords. Oh and also the remote control is a great feature which my Dell does not have.


But before you guys think I am an AAXA groupie or plant let me mention some of the downsides. The battery life is pretty horrible. The Optoma had a 1.5 hour battery life. This thing does 60 minutes on a good day, if I don’t charge it overnight I’ve only gotten 50 minutes before (which means talk fast!) :p. The fan noise is seriously obscene. It is literally louder than my Mac workstation. The micro SD card is hard to remove. And one of the buttons on the projector sometimes gets stuck – I would actually try to warranty it for this issue if I didn’t use the remote all the time. The tripod design is terrible, if you don’t angle it just right, the weight of the projector causes it to fall – don’t try to throw an image on the ceiling with the tripod as it’ll just topple over.


But with those issues aside, the P2 projector is seriously a fantastic business tool – the reviewers that have commented that pico projectors are not designed for business use must not have seen the P2 yet. For those of you like my wife (she’s a consultant) that has to travel carrying around a giant 10lbs projector, this projector is definitely for you – as long as you keep in mind that your 10 lbs projector is probably 3000 lumens so you’ll need to turn down the lights for just 33 lumens!

Many thanks to Mike for this excellent guest review on the AAXA P2 Pico projector – got a review you’d like the world to see on a pico projector? Leave a comment on this website and we will get in touch!


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  3. Cool. Thanks for the great review. It’s pretty hard to find any good ones for this projector, but I think after reading, I may pull the trigger on this. My second choice was the dell m109s, and there’s actually a gen2 of that, (samsung i think) but it’s hard to find in the US.

    I’m excited about my new toy!

  4. Thanks Jason – you won’t be disapointed with the aaxa p2, as this review shows it is pretty good at what it does 😀

    Please do drop back and let us know how you find it, your input would be welcome!

  5. Where can I buy a P! or P2 in the UK

  6. Micro Projector 5 on February 2nd, 2010 at 9:29 am

    Hi David,

    Check it out on http://compare.microprojector5.co.uk/pico-projectors/aaxa-p1-pico/

    Currently the most likely place is on eBAY but we are due to do a compare.Microprojector update shortly so check out compare.MicroProjector5 regularly to find out if anyone starts selling the aaxa p2.

  7. I noticed there

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