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An avid reader has pointed out our lack of coverage of the AAXA P2 Pico Projector. Simply put we have been focusing on other micro projectors and all be it we have been providing less info on the AAXA pico projector’s. This isn’t intentional and these small projector’s are good. So this will be all about AAXA Technologies pico projectors. In fact looking back we did do a post on the AAXA P1 pico projector, but with the new AAXA P2 pico now out its time to take a look at the latest offering from AAXA Technologies!

Strait up the bare essential figures are good:

AAXA P2 Pico Projector Stats

Native Resolution: SVGA (800×600)

Brightness: 33 ANSI-Lumens

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Noise: 30dB

Projection Lens: Manual Focus

Projection Image: Available Size 7 ~ 80 inch

Lamp: Single Chip White LED
Life 30,000hrs

Projection Angle: 33.4°

The AAXAP2’s first notable number is its new resolution. The second generation pico projector from AAXA has got a nice upgrade in its resolution, coming in at SVGA (800×600) – this is a great improvement, 800×600 is almost day to day usable, there is probably* still the odd person working at this resolution at work – 6 months and pico’s will be this at a minimum though. Next up is the Lumens, now considering most pico projector’s are sitting between 10 and 20 ansi lumens, a 33 is a new number. However. Lumens can be a false positive – the real test is in the picture so we will hold that one until we get a test AAXA P2 to put through its paces.


Image Credit AAXA Technologies

80  Inch display is the next thing you notice, and potentially proving the 33 lumens – this is a nice size, personally the contrast ratio and resolution matter more than the size (at least at these sizes) but it might be a good hint that this little pico has a bit more wallop than its predecessor. A side affect you might expect of this uprated lumen brightness might be the size, but in fact it comes in at 260 grams, not obnoxious but its no nokia 8810!

Other than this its not much of a movement from the AAXA P2 (the above is still several very good improvements), 1gb internal memory and 1 watt speakers are somehow average and the design is not all that pretty – somehow from what we have seen this is more of an update than a new pico projector. Probably still a contender for one of the better pico projectors currently available in the uk, but perhaps in 3-6 months some bigger brand pico projector’s in their second generation will be released, at which point the aaxa p2 pico might be a little overshadowed. What’s worse is its not yet even for sale at any of the usual UK retailers, the aaxa p2 will probably make it to the next pico projector summary though so watch microprojector5.co.uk!

Time and perhaps a proper test will tell, watch this space for more news on the AAXA P2 Pico Projector from AAXA Technologies.

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  1. I have the AAXA P2 pico projector – it’s fantastic, I did a mini review on it here:


    Outperforms my Dell M109S in terms of portability and functionality. Picture quality wise they are fairly similar with the Dell probably having better color quality.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for that – a good review!

  3. Where can I buy this P1 or P2 projector?

  4. Micro Projector 5 on February 2nd, 2010 at 9:29 am

    Hi David,

    Check it out on http://compare.microprojector5.co.uk/pico-projectors/aaxa-p1-pico/

    Currently the most likely place is on eBAY but we are due to do a compare.Microprojector update shortly so check out compare.MicroProjector5 regularly to find out if anyone starts selling the aaxa p2.

  5. There’s one serious drawback to the aaxa P2 which is not mentioned in the promotional material. The projector is not compatible with Powerpoint slides and presentations. The Troubleshooting section of the user manual states “Unable to display PowerPoint slides. Solution – save slides as a series of JPG images Animations will be lost.”
    See the user manual at http://www.aaxatech.com/pdf/P2_Manual.pdf

  6. Micro Projector 5 on March 13th, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Hi Stu,

    That’s annoying! would of thought it was essential as these pico’s are being sold as business tools! – thanks for pointing it out, they shouldn’t really claim the aaxa p2 pico is powerpoint compatible if slides have to be saved as jpgs, its hardly the same thing!!

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