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Looking at buying a pico projector? well this blog is a pretty good place to start reading about the technology, understanding a bit about the big companies that manufacture pico projectors – but what next – when you have that understanding and you want to go out there and buy a micro projector? (they make great gadget xmas presents) – Well your best bet is to compare a load of pico’s – but which do you start with? Well ones that are easily available to you is a good start – so for sale in the uk? Next you will want to look at picoprojectors within your price range, because while they are all mass market prices they can still be a bit steep if you only intend to watch films on them.


We wanted to help the uk pico projector consumer, because you are the ones that avidly read this blog and because it can be a bit of a confusing marketplace if you just want to get started with microprojectors. To this end we have made, we intend it to be a good consumer resource on finding pico’s at the right price, but more importantly simply finding the basic stats, resolutions, brightness’s, battery lifes of the main uk distributed micro-projectors. On our micro projector comparison site you can quickly and easily sort through the different uk picos and compare the simple plain facts, hopefully making it easier to find the projector you want.

As always we do welcome your input also, if you have a better source where the price is even lower than here let us know and we will update it, if you have a good pico projector that we have missed off the comparison site let us know, anything related to our site or micro projectors – just let us know, theres even a comment box at the bottom of this post 🙂

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  1. Pretty useful site but its missing a few pico’s

  2. Like what? We will be updating it weekly so let us know if there’s any missing…

  3. Errrrrm I missed the bit at the bottom which has nearly out pico’s – Thought the T30 was already released

  4. You might want to also add on the worlds brightest pocket projector, the ADAPT 305 POCKET PROJECTOR which offer
    – the best brightness of any pico projector (45 lumens)
    – the largest on board memory (4gb)
    – mac compatible
    – best file compatibility for photos/jpeg
    – best connectivity with both VGA, onboard memory and ability to connect to mobiles, wii’s, DVD’s or anything with a video composite connection so you can play from your iphone etc…

  5. The Aiptek T30 is in stock at Personal Projector at £286

  6. Micro Projector 5 on January 19th, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Cheers Oliver, Appreciate the input! – Will sick up your pico’s on compare.microprojector5 this weekend. You guys got an affiliate scheme? are you based in the uk? what made you get into pico projectors?

  7. Hey guys,

    Exceptional site. Appreciate the effort put into this. I considered making my own site but I can see you guys have it covered.

    I agree, there are a few missing here and can’t wait for updates.
    I would suggest:
    1. revisting the Aaxa site as they now have a laser projector on the horizon and others (L1 and HS10S.)
    2. Acer K10 Pico Projector
    3. Toshiba TDP-F10U Mobile LED Projector
    4. Dell M109S
    5. BenQ GP1
    6. ADAPT 305 (mentioned above)

    If you guys ever need an impartial retail tester who is always on the move and very techy minded (read geek), then drop me a line. I am a professional buying consultant.

    I will be purchasing a pico sometime in the summer I think, (I can not wait to own one!) I will make my decision once I have looked at the whole laser vrs DLP tech debate and as we see resolution and quality improve. Fan noises etc.

    There are a few improvements in relation to your comparison site, if I boldly may suggest:

    1. splitting out your comparison chart with two types of micro-projectors from “pico” (up to 20 lumens) to “small form.” (20 – 100 lumens.)
    I consider pico “pocketable” and small form the size of pocket dictionary to small paperback book and is “handheld.”

    2. (Depending on your bandwidth and if you get your hands on each device) a video or snapshot in an environment that people would use the projector i.e. setting up a number of tests / environments.
    eg 2 and 6 metres metres away from a wall in very dark, 100 watt light and 60 watt light.

    If you scour the net, historically, no-one really has this available and would differentiate you from the various other comparison sites for the consumer. I haven’t found many good videos at all in relation to these devices and a basic “pro / con” section for each.

    3. Adding the columns stated within each device on the main page itself.
    Although the main principles are there, navigation to other information on contrast ratio would prove useful when comparing the devices. “Extras” that make the device stand out i.e. sd card slot, cables incl, what’s in the box could also make decisions easier.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Saw a few more… I know that most are not available in the UK as yet, but I expect some stockists at some point.

    7. Sanwa 400-PRJ001
    8. Logic Wireless Bolt V1.5
    9. Allcam CP1
    10. Light Blue Optics Light Touch
    11. 3M MPro150
    12. HP Projection Companion
    13. Sparkz PR100
    14. Bonitor MP201

  9. Micro Projector 5 on February 22nd, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Scoob275 – thanks sincerely for the time you have put in too right us a decent, helpful message! 🙂

    What industry are you a professional buying consultant in? gadgety? – certainly in regards to laser vs dlp I think we will see a lot of development in the next 6 months so it might be worth biding your time!

    We are due to do a remap of the current pico’s available in the coming weeks so I will definitely check out your 14.

    With regards to your suggestions for the comparison site – I can completely see the benefit fit of splitting these by categories – this is going to happen 🙂 Unfortunately – despite the second point being a HUGELY great idea the difficulty therein lies with me getting the pico’s (even for testing) – Unfortunately despite being a fairly established site with a ridiculous amount of content and specialism we are not yet receiving review copies of pico projectors – perhaps this will change as they reach bigger markets.

    Again thanks for all the input Scoob, we would love to publish any reviews you have on the pico you decide on buying (or any others you can get your hands on!) and thanks for reading – have you checked out the forums yet?

    Cheers again

    MicroProjector5 admin

  10. No problem. I am glad the post proved useful.

    I have checked out the forums and will definitely write a review once I decide which badboy I get. (Any gadget I purchase is always called The Badbuy!) Hopefully get your advice before I purchase!

    I was also interested to read about the investment / stock market movement of the likes of Optima and Aaxa. I don’t know how well the CEO of Optima can corroborate the figures he has stated but am looking forward and watching closely.

    I consult on anything from marketing and IT stuff (hardware and software) so essentially a jack of all trades / generalist. I think I should go into gadget buying though as it is a passion.

    I think once pico’s get a better stance in the likes of high street stores, you can perhaps strike a conversation with the likes of DSG Group to get your hands on these devices. I think that the idea of comparison and seeing it in real life will be key to increasing traffic to this site. You guys have made a great start I think.

    You guys have an idea when that ruddy Microvision ShowWx is coming out?! They are taking their time! No use being Best in 2010 at MacWorld if you can’t even purchase it!

    Take it easy.

  11. Micro Projector 5 on February 25th, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Hi Scoob

    Brilliant – look forward to seeing what you buy/your review of the badboy!

    Yeah its kind of a pet habbit for me, watching stock like MVIS and how the other investment/stock of related tech companies are doing – Its too be seen how accurate the CEO of optima has been but I doubt he would do much more than slightly under/over estimate – but again he can’t really predict the future much more than extrapolating figures.

    I think as pico projectors become more and more embedded (both literally) and within our everyday lives you are more likely to need to deal with them in a profesional context. If this whole tech area goes how I see it going, in a few years when mass market pico’s reach a higher integration they will be hugely adopted.

    Do you have any contacts that might help with such comparison/demo units? Like you say it will probably take a few of them hitting the likes of Dixons/Maplin or similar before their rep is up enough for it to be viable for them – we have managed to grab a pretty good foothold though I think and so in terms of investment for a review from the pico projector manufacturers/sellers point of view it would definately make sense.

    With a bit of luck by mid 2010 we can have some sort of better system and make sure we can review all of the pico’s that hit the uk/europe/the world! – Will need a bit of investment/time though.

    They had said Q1 of this year but they are rightly taking their sweet time. I wouldnt be suprised if by the end of March we hear more on the showwx. Certainly is a bit of a failure all the promo they have had over the last 3 months without being in the market!

    Cheers again Scooby

  12. What suprices me after reading alot of reviews and looking through the reviews on pocket-projectors on Youtube is that most of the reviews doesn’t give a good picture on how small a picture you can get with a pocketprojector and the projectors closest focal distance.
    I know this might be uninteresting to most since biger is better but to some this would actually be very usefull information. (Also since many of the reviews keeps stating that the pocket projectors are good gadgets to bring on a airplane. Unless traveling firstclass the seatback infront is not 1 meter infront of you) – Pleas pay attention to smallest focaldistance and image size as well.

  13. Micro Projector 5 on June 10th, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for this input – certainly its true they often forget to mention points like that – as we start reviewing more pico projector’s we will be sure to make sure we reference focal points and sizes of screens, big and small!

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