Microprojectors in 2015 – Pico Implementations in 2015

We talk a lot about the current pico projector’s out here on microProjector5, but occasionally we like to sit back and take a wild stab at where we think the micro projector market is going- both as a mass market consumer product and more broadly speaking as a technology in a fast developing world. So 2015 – 5 years (and a bit) away – how much development could there realy be in pico projectors in 5 years? Well if you think about it you, I and most people didn’t really know anything about “pico projectors”, if asked to guess on what one is based on its name we might be able to get it by extension of the lexi but it would not be because of the common knowledge on the technology. Now more and more microprojector’s are becoming widely known about, just as all technology catches on people talk more about it and this spreads the knowledge, in the pico projector’s favour though is the viral nature of the technology. Because often you use a pico-projector to share images, video and other media with your friends there is a huge scope for interpersonal self promotion of the handheld variety of multimedia projector.

While in this case this image doesnt show a pico in use it does hint at the way display technology will be used in the near future, augmented reality is here!

So first prediction – Micro Projectors will be as big (popular) as lcd. Forgive me if that sounds bold. Hmmm maybe it is a little, but if the level of research and development that is being put into pocket projectors is anything to go by the display technology is going to get a whole lot better, once you have a decent resolution pico projector it wont be long until technologists extend this by embedding pico projectors in more applications. Potentially offering better practicalities and price reductions, coupled with their use in multi-touch, pico projectors could see a huge increase in production and use, probably not as much as to overtake LCD screens but certainly to offer a decent alternative.

Embedded Pico Projectors will become commonplace

Second prediction – Embedded pico projector’s will be everywhere. By everywhere I mean common place, walking around or travelling I can see countless places that embedded micro projector technology would enhance. From pico-projector based advertising (imagine properly animated shop signs running from several pico’s instead of lights, think las vegas lights but complete, high resolution fluid animation – this would open up a whole industry of animation for signs) to microprojector based information stations and guidance (a road sign, station signs, shopping centre maps could all use embedded pico projectors to enhance user experience – and probably reduce costs.) I would also have no doubt that by 2015 we will see proper (high resolution, high quality) use of embedded projectors in mobile phones, pda’s, netbooks, notebooks, cars, public transport and other common communal/personal technology. Embedded pico-projectors will likely fill our workplace’s making our day to day work a more visually linked experience, coupled with multi-touch this could be one of the largest developments the world of computing sees.

Miniaturised Micro Projectors feature heavily

Third prediction – Smaller, ever smaller. As with mobile phones and other similar gadgetry there is often a drive by manufacturers to produce the smallest version of that technology, for ages mobile phone producers worked on getting the handset smaller and smaller – this largely is a fight for sales as personal objects that are said to be handheld are ideally as small and light as possible. The development though does enhance the overall technology as you can then include additional features or a larger battery within the same original size case or weight. This miniaturisation fever likely to encapsulate the micro projector market too and by 2015 who knows how small the pico-projectors will be, imagine being able to embed a pico the size of a postage stamp into products, this will provide endless implementation options (and so support my second prediction!)

So from our point of view 2015 will be a great year for the really small pico projector and see embedded micro projector’s in a whole host of new incarnations that you might not have thought of. What do you think 2015 will hold for display technology, micro projectors and related devices? Will augmented reality utilise pico’s as a new medium, what will the world look like outside of the display technology sector? Will we be combating global warming or mopping up world disasters like the recent (bad if you ask me) film 2012. I suppose none of us really know, but micro-projectors definitely have an excellent chance in featuring in it.

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  1. protractordemon on November 19th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    its great to see what is in store for the future but doesnt it seem that projectors in general are static and that the user has to be holding the system to use it or have it in a fixed position on a surface, why are we not seeing AI systems which control the Microprojector, for instance where people can have the projector follow them and project the image. or floating in the air projectors that project onto the ground, i just believe that the tech is just miniaturising more that revolutionising…

  2. Augmented reality is sure going to be popular by then, I think we will all have implants or headsets..

  3. @ Dia – Augmented reality will definately be in place by 2015, although the thought of implants isnt so nice – micro projectors on glasses perhaps.

    @protractordemon – this would be great – if they can make a perhaps helicopter style vehicle for the micro projectors it could just work – its very sci-fi but technology does develop fast

  4. I think you’ll see pico projectors definitely miniaturized, especially laser based varieties. You’ll also have HD quality as well.

    I think AR glasses will be a bit more time than 2015. We will see some early adopter technology that will be clunky, but the real mass adoption and perfected AR glasses will be later than 2015. Other AR devices, such as the image in your article displaying the NYC skyline in a handheld window, will probably happen sooner than the glasses. Either way should be fun and I can’t wait. Every year that goes by I get older!

  5. Definitely HD by 2015, will be interesting to follow how AR develops, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a huge push over next few years.

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  8. Hey I like where you are taking the wide adoption of microprojectors. As you read in my “far out” trend guessing (victusspiritus) I expect the miniaturization to lead to greater augmented reality applications (project onto surface near the eyes like glasses) and to boost personalization. With wide spread wireless networks we won’t need to place projectors on external objects (roadsigns, etc). Businesses, services, and friends sharing will be capable of sharing image overlays directly to other interested parties.

  9. Micro Projector 5 on March 14th, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    …and each as you say will feature personalised, targetted graphical display. I can see marketing taking on a whole new league of skills – Shop signs which display differently based on the age, sex, hobbies or desires of a viewer – Theres not a lot stopping them displaying body relative visuals too – Imagine you felt thirsty (detectable through skin-touch Intelligent band-aids/plasters) and the small corner shop sign flashed “THIRSTY?”!

    Cheers for stopping by Mark, I am glad you share my futuristic ideas!

  10. So what are the smallest projectors now?

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