Uniden Pico Projector – MicroVision ShowWx ReBranded

Uniden – a global consumer electronics corporation has gained rights to rebrand the MicroVision ShowWx and resell it to its customers via its own distribution channels – (Announced by MicroVision at the end of last month.) While in some parts of the world consumers eager to get their hands on a Microvision ShowWx are struggling to find available pico’s for sale it would seem the Uniden branded version may soon be an option.

The deal was worked through the company Mint who facilitated the alignment between microvision and uniden. Whether or not uniden will completely rename this laser based pico projector is yet to be seen, although its quite likely to differentiate the product and make it solely there’s to their consumers that they will – when we hear more news on the uniden pico projector we will let you know but for now it seems that microvision have found their way to get the new laser pico projector to mass market.


This comment from Uniden’s Managing Director (Australia and New Zealand) – Mr. Kunihisa Ishii shows that the company are very much behind the microvision pico, “In collaboration with Mint, we have been impressed with Microvision’s award winning pico projection technology and can now offer our customers the benefits and versatility of a unique and valuable application for mobile communication devices. This launch is part of Uniden’s ongoing strategy to offer customers the most advanced and attractive communication and entertainment tools and devices available on the market. We look forward to introducing this exciting new product to our customers.”

5 Comments on Uniden Pico Projector – MicroVision ShowWx ReBranded:

  1. What are they going to call it?

  2. Not Sure – We will announce it as soon as Uniden Do!

  3. Do you think we will be able to purchase the Uniden version of Microvisions Show WX in the Uk this year?

  4. Lets hope so…it doesnt look like we will, my guess we might not even get a Uniden one here, some other company might strike up a similar deal or we might just get a microvision ShowwX, potentially first half of 2010.

  5. […] ShowWX in Spain. This is the second service provider to strike a deal with Microvision (first Uniden and Australia) and without a doubt means good things for both Microvision Stock (MVIS will rise!) as well as the […]

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