AAXA M1 Pico Projector Launched

Another week has passed and on the doorstep to christmas AAXA Technologies have released the AAXA M1 Pico Projector. What a lovely start to the christmas break. The key, highly promoted figures that come along with this wedge (its a bit chunky) pico projector and its web promotion is the 66 Lumens you get out of it, coupled with a current leader (although perhaps its size puts it in a bigger pico category) resolution of 800 x 600 SVGA. Now a new pico, higher res svga 66 lumens – you’d think we would be happy with this – but is the size just a little to big to be classed as pico? Either way lets take a look at the new AAXA-M1 Pico Projector:


Compatible with cameras, iphone (and other smart phones), pc’s and more – this little box of pico is everything we have grown to expect after the AAXA P1 and AAXA P2 pico projector’s. 5 seconds is all it takes for this handheld projector to get to full brightness and at a full brightness of 66 Lumens it should be more than 6 times brighter than the other smaller pico’s of today. I think the thing that will sell this pico though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s to gamers, is the 800 x 600 SVGA resolution. With that brightness, usability and this resolution you can see how quickly pico projector’s are becoming a usable business tool, but even more so how fast they are moving towards full hd gaming. Less than 6 months ago we were discussing the positive progression to VGA and we have already made the jump upwards again (there was svga pico’s before this one but this has more features making it a real choice.) Also worth a mention is its 1gb onboard memory, something AAXA seem to be sticking with that we think is a good thing. Onboard memory goes well with the portability of the micro projector.


Its not all rosey in the AAXA-Tech M1 pico though, there is still room for improvement. A fan must be present as the unit has a running audible noise of 22db, which isn’t awful but compare that to some silent running pico’s and it soon starts to bug you. Since the MicroVision ShowWX we have also seen the benifits of automatic focus, laser powered pico projectors brought this to the table, but a 5 second full brightness time could be further augmented with automatic focus – this one has manual focus, but really that’s not such a big deal. Finally and in terms that probably wont matter to anyone but a power micro projector user – the bulb life of the aaxaM1 is 15000 hours. That is 5000 less than the standard for micro-projectors. Probably owing to its brighter led this wont affect many users but it does bring into question the sustainability of these devices, replacement led’s should be made a viable option, otherwise in the years ahead we will be dumping way too many unit’s that work all bar the LED.

As soon as we see the AAXA M1 Pico Projector for sale in the uk we will update you with some prices but expect to pay ~£250 for the standard and ~£300 for the AAXA-M1 Plus which will likely have more onboard memory.

*note we have been told there is also an external battery available for the AAXAM1 which offers an additional 90 minutes of use, this certainly helps, but prices are yet to be confirmed*

*note2 the AAXA M1 Plus has been confirmed to only have 1gb of onboard memory, the difference between the M1 and the M1+ being that the M1plus has VGA input whereas the M1 doesnt.

All Images from the wonderful AAXA Tech

2 Comments on AAXA M1 Pico Projector Launched:

  1. The design of the product is quite pretty in my opinion. Aaxa Tech is really performing a nice job on picos and micros. But as you say, there’s room for improvements…
    Though the projector is offering a rather good brightness for its category, it’s still very limited…
    Is there any video of it on the web yet ?
    Any release date ?

    Thank you very much for your blog dynamism !

    Alex from FR.

  2. Micro Projector 5 on December 22nd, 2009 at 10:14 am

    hi de La neuville/alex, we will post more information soon – it does look nice although is a bit of a handfull. No release date as such but I would bet they are looking at Q1 2010 like the show-wx.

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