RoyalTek RPJ-2000 Pico Projector Available

I hope you all had a great Christmas but especially one reader (RiBore) who let us know just before the break about a new pico that’s just become available in France and other European countries. The RoyalTek RPJ-2000 pico projector was spotted originally by RiBore as he surfed the web looking at the pico’s currently available to him, while we have been avidly waiting for the laser projector – the ShowWX from MVIS (MicroVision) to be up for sale in European stores we likely wont see that till well within quarter 1 of 2010, this is a shame for microVision as it leads buyers like RiBore hungry for other models!

Royaltek RPJ-2000

RiBore brought the RPJ2000 from a French gadget seller – Cricel where you can purchase the royaltek pico projector in two different bundles – basically the standard royal tek RPJ-2k or one with a video cable for the iphone 3G and iphone 3GS. Yes that’s right the Royaltek pico is fully compatible with the apple iPhone! This is doubly confirmed as the Quanta palm sized pico has seen “approval” from Apple on this link. For sale at €219 (219Euro) at Cricel now the company has 10 RPJ2000’s currently in stock – (Standard model) and for the iPhone 3G/3GS Pico Projector kit its available at €249 (249Euro) and there are currently 6 left in stock.

The specs on the RPJ2k are pretty good while a little average. 20,000 hour lamp life, VGA (640×480) resolution, 70-140 minute run time (depending on the pico brightness) and a 0.5 watt stereo speaker, 200:1 contrast ratio and an LED light source – these are not new amazing specifications. They are however solid. Solid and available – and this might just be enough of an edge for the Royaltek micro projector to sell well, at least in France. Underneath the shiny black plastic case sits the 3M optical engine, the very same that powers the 3M Mpro120 pico projector. Somehow though Royaltek have managed to up the brightness and projectable image size, making this pico 14 ANSI lumen’s at full brightness and capable of a 65Inch projection.

All in all it looks as though pico projector’s like the RoyalTek RPJ2000 that are otherwise somewhat unknown, may receive a fair amount of press and sales in the coming years as they bridge the gap between currently available mass market produced pico-projectors like the 3M and MicroVision offerings and the to be released micro-projectors. Certainly buyers are keen to get a good usable pico, and in the deficit left by the bigger companies slow release schedules perhaps companies like RoyalTek can push their pico’s. RiBore has kindly said he may well do us a review but from what we hear he is fairly happy with the RPJ2000, citing that while the cables included are short the picture is bright (up to 60 inchs) and its definitely brighter than the AiptekV10. No doubt we will hear more on the RoyalTek-RPJ-2000 pocket projector in the new year, perhaps with some more MVIS launch information!!

What do YOU think?