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A review of the ROYALTEK RPJ 2000 pico projector by RiBore

I was looking for a pico-projector with a decent brightness and resolution, which makes no noise. When I first saw the Royaltek RPJ2000, I instantly thought I can give this one a try…I knew some friends who were happy owners of Royaltek GPS units and I knew they had brought them from Cricel (the french electronics and gadgets reseller) so I had a quick look to see if they sold the royaltek pico. The French law states that you must be refunded if you return (within 1 week), any product purchased online (similar to the recent uk distance trading act), so without hesitation I sent my order for the RoyalTek RPJ-2000 to Cricel on Friday 18th December (2009) – by Monday the picoprojector was in my mailbox!!

First surprise: In the box I found exactly what I saw in the internet’s description of the product :-), literally exactly! – included with the microprojector are: a manual, a tripod, a little carry bag, the 1200mAh battery (NP60, the same as some digital cameras, which means it must be easy to find a 2nd one if needed), an AC-adaptor, a short VGA cable and a RCA Video cable. I also had a nice surprise as the royaltek has a good shutter which protects the lens, and a chunky focus “wheel” – easy to find and use with your finger.

Royaltek RPJ 2000 Review Pic

Second surprise: Previously I had a 10 lumen pico (Aiptek V10)… The RPJ2000 claims to be 14 lumens, but (compared to the Aiptek V10) it works night and day! We used to watch the tv news before supper on the flatscreen in the living room… but now our children can keep playing games like the Sims on that and we can comfortably watch tv News on about an A3 papersize projection, this is helped by the integrated loudspeakers and works well even with the 100W light on 🙂

Third surprise: I have and old screen for a traditional slide projector (base is 1,2m ~ 47′) which was too big for the Aiptek… the Royaltek however could project even bigger than that! (in darkness). During the holidays we had no projection screen and so we used a white cloth, with this we managed a projection of around 1,8m(~70 inchs) diagonal and sometimes even more… Every member of the family was happy to watch the “Ring Quest” with a 2m diagonal, even for the dark scenes of the movie 🙂

Fourth surprise: my wife, who is reluctant to all “gadgety things”, prefers now to watch tv and dvd’s on the ceiling than on our 22′ flatscreen tv! when we are in bed and she falls asleep I can (with headphones!) use it ( no fan = no noise 🙂 .) Also the integrated loudspeakers are little but they really can be loud enough. On the first day of use when testing everything/everywhere and looking at some scenes of StarTrek on the old projector screen with my daughter, we forgot we hadn’t actually plugged in the real loudspeakers!

Royaltek RPJ 2000 in action

Testing the battery I found the royaltek pico lasted ~1 hour (at full brightness) and more than 2 hours (at 50% brightness.) A few minutes before it runs out of battery there is a little warning on the screen which is handy! Running this pico projector with the VGA connection via a pc you can read 10pts ok, and comfortably 12pts when the display of the PC is on 640×480. If the Pc is on 800×600 or 1024×768 the size of the font must be 12 or 14 really to be readable. If the pc resolution is greater (or the refresh rate >60hz) the pico does not display.

There is good On-Screen-Display where you can choose/use one of the preset functions such as navigating files (pictures, PPT, movies) and/or play with the settings (contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, respective level of Red/Green/Blue etc.)

After 3 weeks, all in all I am very happy with my Royaltek, we use it every day (whether we project the TV News in the living room from the battery, tv/dvds in the evening from bed on the ceiling, films on the projection screen with the children, photo slideshows at family or friends parties or just fun in the street 😉 !) We use it with a dvb-tuner, dvd player, TV-out of Pc, vga connection, and rca-out of camcorder, digital camera or mp4 player. I know there is a special cable for Ipod/Iphone, but I prefer the rca out of my YR1 Samsung which does not need movies to be converted/resized and works perfectly too 😉

The only thing I miss is a really good media player, and a SD (not a microSD!) reader, with no size limitation for pics and movies like with our camera, in all I see only 2 negative points:

  • The video adaptor seem weak; when you play around moving the pico you sometimes loose the picture (we had some fun in the street with my daughter… similar to the video below). I would prefer a simple standard usb connector or a stronger VGA connection.
  • There is no connector for headphones. Admittedly, a simple adaptor plug for the audio cable easily resolves this problem but it still isn’t ideal.

Other than these negative points: I would like more lumens, a bigger resolution, a longer life battery…but then again these are things you will struggle to find in any pico projector’s today – When I have a look at the other pico’s really available to buy today, I think – for my use – I have made the right choice (and it was the cheaper pico at just 219€!):

  • There are some pico’s with a lower brightness and resolution ( Aiptek, Optoma, Swivel etc…)
  • There are some pico’s with better brightness/resolution, but independent reviews talk about their fan noise (MPro120, AaaxaP2/Adaptec etc…)
  • The only other choice (for me today) would be the new Aiptek T30, but it does not have VGA connector, it is more expansive, and it was not available when I bought the Royaltek… and I am still not sure it does not have a fan (I have asked Aiptek’s importer and, after some weeks, they responded “we think there is not” !).

One last word about the showwx: I was waiting for it… but a Spanish friend told me his Vodafone reseller (in Bilbao) can tell him when it will be really available for customers… and this was the same day that I saw the 1st advertisement for the Royaltek. I know it does take me a few seconds to focus my pico, but at current we don’t really know when we will be able to actually buy a showwx, and at what price! (as of today there is only 1 Spanish customer of the Microvision Showwx who has written a review of the laser pico on internet, and he is reported to work in the phone industry…).
Hope my review can help some of you in choosing your pico!

A big thanks to our guest reviewer RiBore, its great to hear first hand about the good and bad points in everyday use of your pico projector’s – if you have a pico and you want to do a review, or even if you just want to have a chat about pico projector’s – come down to the pico projector forums!
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  3. so am I correct in saying it wouldn’t work with my macbook 1280 x 800, that would seem like a bit of an oversight, no?

  4. Micro Projector 5 on August 18th, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    I think it would work Brendan it just may downscale badly, the newer pico’s will deal much more appropriately with this and apple hardware in general

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