Hottest Gadget of 2010: Pico Projectors

With a title like that how could you not read this? Yes ok so there’s no real proof yet that this will be the case, but certainly if you look at some companies sales figures it would hint that its going to be a good year for the pico projector. Storming ahead of the same old gadgets into the lead of popular culture, could the tiniest of tiny projectors become huge this year?

With a bit of luck the quality will be there – really it all comes down to the quality. Pico Projectors could be the hottest gadget in 2010 – if the tech manufacturers keep up the quality, keep pushing the boundaries of resolutions, brightness, contrast and colour quality. As it stands there are some neat little pico’s – but really if you had to pick out the most famous it would probably be the microvision (MVIS) showWx – I almost grow tired of writing the name of that pico the amount we discuss it here at micro projector 5.

It has managed to grow to stardom through mass marketing really – yes its the first laser pico – yes its very innovative, but in reality just because its powered by red, green and blue lasers doesn’t actually make it totally the best pico. What we need is an underdog for this story of mini-projectors, to claim the trophy of hottest gadget of 2010 the world of pico-projectors needs an underdog, a small time technology outfit that breaks boundaries like an icebreaker boat breaks ice. Perhaps Laser or perhaps just really really good DLP/LCD? either way we need that underdog. Soon Please. Kthx.

3 Comments on Hottest Gadget of 2010: Pico Projectors:

  1. what do i know, absolutely nothing, keep up the good work !!!

  2. Three pages so far of this April Fool’s garbage. Fair enough, put the pages up for a joke, even leave them up for a week or two, but you should take the pages down now, joke’s over (after having effectively wasted 10 minutes of my time while searching for high res. pico projectors). Way to go team! You just guaranteed I ignore your site from now on.

  3. Micro Projector 5 on September 9th, 2010 at 8:31 am

    It was only a joke! there will be high res pico projectors will be here soon anyway!

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