MicroVision (NASDAQ: MVIS) ShowWX is now for sale!

microvision-mvis-show-wxWell it took its sweet time didn’t it. But alas it finally has managed to present itself – the showWX. Well. In the US of A it has anyway, great, considering we are in the UK :/.

Importing this little pico might well be an option for us UK pico watchers that are waiting for a laser pico that we can actually purchase, but will the ShowWX provide us with a real option or just an overpriced, late to the show gadget?

Standardly this little pico is available at $549 (£367 at current conversion rates) and the limited edition bundle which comes with a few extras:

“This special bundle comes with: A Limited Edition SHOWWX laser pico projector with a personalized splash screen bearing the name of its owner, a chrome ‘Limited Edition’ insignia, and also includes a SHOWWX VGA dock, car charger, leather carrying pouch, flexible tripod stand, and a signed certificate of authenticity.”

..comes in at $999 (£668) – Stick uk shipping on that and you might get your hands on a showWx for £410/£710? Seriously? This makes me doubt the number of people that will use the US to import showWX’s but it does give questions about the US market for the pico.

When you can buy DLP/LED pico’s with nearly all of the spec’s of a laser pico for about $200 or less are you really going to spend nearly treble the money for the benifits of laser? I have a slight concern that Microvision are overestimating the value of their revolution – yes they have got the first laser pico, yes by all current standards they are very good – but are they really so good that they can sell them at such inflated prices? Will the market really dig that deep into their pockets for a projector that should have been released to general US public 6 months ago? There are few markets growing at the rate the pico projector market is growing – MicroVision (NASDAQ: MVIS) clearly have got a great product but so much has developed in the time since they initially launched it.

It will be interesting to see how this launch plays out, personally I think they are being a bit cheeky and I wouldn’t spend that on this pico, but perhaps others will. In a way I kind of hope they do to fund a version 2 of this laser pico, I just hope next time microvision get the timing right and don’t launch it 6-8 months before its even available in their own country.

P.S. Microvision if your listening, the UK would eat this up (maybe not at those prices) if you would only distribute it here – test copy?

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  3. Difficulties with getting the green lasers has been the reason for Microvision
    not getting to market sooner. They claim that they have (almost) the problem licked as numerous producers are promising to supply the very sophisticated green lasers.

  4. Micro Projector 5 on August 18th, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    Lets hope that they can get a second gen out quicker, its a shame to see them come so close to really hitting the big markets only to fall a little behind due to such circumstances!

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