Normal Micro Projector 5 Service to be resumed shortly…

If you hadn’t noticed we have been a bit slow in posting new and interesting items on micro projector 5 this past few weeks – well in fact currently I am taking a break – so posting is all but scheduled pico projector posts. Although I may be 5924 Miles away (approximately) I can still write to say that normal, topical picoprojector coverage will be resumed shortly – well around late April to be precise. We do have some excellent posts though that should tide us over until then – so do still watch this space 😉

Perhaps should I visit a foreign gadget emporium I may just bring back a pico or two to review, stranger things have happened! I hope you all enjoyed the micro projector April Fools and that everyone in the forum are behaving themselves!

Watch this space for some more micro projector 5 awesomeness!

What do YOU think?