We Got you – April Fools – Full HD 1080p Pico Projector – NOT YET!

Ok so yesterday we had a bit of a dream with the idea that some pico projector technology company had launched “the worlds smallest pico projector, which was also capable of full 1080p hd” – yes it was an Aprils Fool and yes we did get a fair few of you! haha! Sorry, perhaps teasing you all with the idea of a matchbox sized 1080p pico was a bit mean, but don’t worry because within a few years I would expect this to be standardly available (even here in the uk!!)

We know pico projector developers are upping resolutions and working towards a full hd resolution, so that will happen – but “Hyper-Laser-Hybrid” is alas probably not the way it will happen. A full HD laser pico projector would be amazing but its unlikely that some sort of multi laser unit hybrid could work – its more likely the actual single units will be refined rather than coupling, although in theory it could work, its harder to commercially produce multi part optics.

So no full 1080p picoprojector yet and when it does come it will likely be a bit bigger than a matchbox size, but at least the summer is coming!! – Watch this space, in the coming months we are launching a testing process for every pico released in the uk – full video unpacks and reviews and pico comparisons – coming soon – if you havent already – FOLLOW US ON TWITTER and also Subscribe to our pico technology RSS feed!!

2 Comments on We Got you – April Fools – Full HD 1080p Pico Projector – NOT YET!:

  1. Two firms contracted with Microvision (roughly fall 2008 for $750,000 each ) to develop HD with their MVIS’s laser technology. Recently, when Microvision was asked how the development of those projects were going, the answer was that they were completed successfully. You may see at least some level of HD on a pico projector sooner that you think.

  2. Micro Projector 5 on April 13th, 2010 at 5:57 am

    I don’t doubt full hd pico projectors are on the horizon, fingers crossed they get here sooner rather than later!

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