Compare Pico Projectors’ Price update!

It’s been a while, lots has happened in the last month but things are finally returning to a normal state of play. First up we have just updated all of the current pico projectors on our pico projector comparison site, so if you are looking to buy one in the uk check it out – it has most of the currently available microprojector’s with their resolutions, brightness’s and best prices/places to buy as at today.

There are several new pico’s that have popped up while we were away, these are yet to make it onto the comparison site, but they will be up soon enough, along with a few posts about them here. We are also looking at getting a few full reviews and video examples of pico projectors currently for sale in the uk up in the coming week’s. So while we have been away – look forward to a much more frequent feed of micro projector news, updates and review’s here from now on!

Stick around – subscribe to the RSS feed, we will be providing you all the pico projector goodness that you require 🙂

2 Comments on Compare Pico Projectors’ Price update!:

  1. Hi there

    why do you not list any reviews or aspects on the Beambox projectors?

    They appear to be good and would like to know if they are and how they compare?


  2. Micro Projector 5 on August 18th, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Hi Richard,

    we will be updating soon to include a much bigger range, have you seen any beambox pico’s at good prices anywhere in the uk?

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