Microvisions ShowWX Global Rollout Continues…

We posted a while back when MicroVision (MVIS) started formally made the ShowWX available to US customers and even before then about rumours and deals with Vodaphone in Spain and Uniden in Australia, well it seems slowly but surely Microvision have got there – the ShowWX is now much more widely available globally, even if a quick search on showWX does reveal that its not directly available in the uk.

This PR release on PRWire shows Uniden are committed to rolling out the re branded showWX, although I do wonder on how well it will do. Australia is a big country and a large market for good gadgets, that is undeniable. Uniden certainly have the capacity too. The main factor that make me question its popularity in Aus would be the lateness to market – although I guess this is more a general gripe against the slow showWx rollout. Perhaps its laser drive will wow the average gadgeteer down under but I guess that’s to be seen. Certainly the backing of Uniden will lead to a significant marketing campaign unlikely to be matched by any other pico brand, which will in fact probably benifit the technology as a whole.

Its all personal speculation but I think the uk would actually be a far better market for pico’s, and not just because the gloomy weather makes better screens out of urban furniture! With America getting the show wx, Spain and Australia now weilding pocket laser “Big screen laser experience” devices who know’s maybe the guys at MVIS will look at the uk, so as people don’t have to import. I do love the marketing though of this pr release “Big screen laser experience premieres in Australian pockets” – The combination of the words “premieres” and the phrase “big screen” have obvious film experience connotations. Again is this really the market to be aiming for though, seeing as this pocket projector doesn’t quite match the ODEON.

We shall see but as the Globe starts getting MicroVision ShowWX’s (or Uniden ULP 1000’s) I think we shall see a lot more movement in pico’s as a whole, roll on generation 2 laser pico’s.

What do YOU think?