Gadget News on Micro Projector 5

Microvisions ShowWX Global Rollout Continues…

We posted a while back when MicroVision (MVIS) started formally made the ShowWX available to US customers and even before then about rumours and deals with Vodaphone in Spain and Uniden in Australia, well it seems slowly but surely Microvision have got there – the ShowWX is now much more widely available globally, even if […]

Worlds Smallest pico projector launched – FULL HD (1080p) from matchbox size

Today MicroProjector has an exclusive on a new pico projector launched this very morning – at 8am it was confirmed that the worlds smallest pico projector will be launched to market in the coming weeks – smaller than a matchbox and putting out full HD at 1080p up to 200 inchs it will be using […]

iPAD to Feature Pico Projector

With all this news of apple’s latest device to make market it strikes us as its time to take a look at the possible benifits of the combination of this multitouch capacitive screened pc and the pico projector. Apple rumours did go out that supposedly they were going to include a pico projector in the […]

Public-Soft MP220 Launched

Another name enters the pico projector scene – Public-Soft. Releasing their first pico projector the MP 220 in India Public Soft are a new technology company joining the scene and launched their MP220 on the 9th of March.

MicroVision (NASDAQ: MVIS) ShowWX is now for sale!

Well it took its sweet time didn’t it. But alas it finally has managed to present itself – the showWX. Well. In the US of A it has anyway, great, considering we are in the UK :/. Importing this little pico might well be an option for us UK pico watchers that are waiting for […]

Microvision ShowWX for sale in the USA

Thats right folks as of 12 noon US time today the Microvision Show WX has finally actually gone on sale – coming in a limited edition pack and a standard one it should be interesting to see what the consumer thinks. Personally I think they may be taking the mick a bit with the pricing […]

Microsoft Skinput uses pico projectors for input

Yesterday I read about this and it really struck a note with me – Not only has this new microsoft powered pico projector technology got an awesome name “Skinput” but it also shows us a glimpse at possibly what tomorrow will hold in terms of integration of pico-projector’s into our everyday lives. Gone will be […]