miniprojector tripods & mounts on Micro Projector 5

Royalek RPJ 2000 Review – Pico Projector Reviews

A review of the ROYALTEK RPJ 2000 pico projector by RiBore I was looking for a pico-projector with a decent brightness and resolution, which makes no noise. When I first saw the Royaltek RPJ2000, I instantly thought I can give this one a try…I knew some friends who were happy owners of Royaltek GPS units […]

Micro Projector to project onto front of car

A patent was spotted by one of our editorial writers, mainly because it seems to use a micro projector in its creation. The following patent diagram highlights the use of a micro projector to project onto the front of a car, the small projector looks to be placed above the rear view mirror facing the […]

Micro Projector and Gorrilapod Ultimate combo?

Buying a microprojector now is a great idea – buying one in 6 months is probably an even more sensible idea but what do you do when you get it? If your like us you will probably spend a few weeks projecting onto just about every surface you can find – from the wall outside […]