OLED on Micro Projector 5

Hottest Gadget of 2010: Pico Projectors

With a title like that how could you not read this? Yes ok so there’s no real proof yet that this will be the case, but certainly if you look at some companies sales figures it would hint that its going to be a good year for the pico projector. Storming ahead of the same […]

XMAS Projectors

Looking at Christmas presents? It seems these days that those “eager beaver” people have already got Xmas presents brought and wrapped by august let alone November. But now the festive feelings have started to kick in people are starting to discuss the topic a bit more. Earlier on in the year we touted the “xmas […]

Self Illuminating LCD’s – Light up liquid crystal

As the big companies fight it out in research and development labs across the world a war brews over the horizon. Traditional LCD displays have been around for a long time, relatively speaking and have more than a foothold over plasma at this point. OLED is the new boy who has already made a good […]

OLED Micro Projector

OLED is not new new technology, it is relatively new but its been around a few years now – at least in tv’s and small flatscreens. The benifits of OLED over standard liquid crystal or plasma are several fold, including more efficient power use (increasingly an important factor in electronics purchases), better resolutions, better picture […]