Pico Projectors on Micro Projector 5

First Android Pico Projector Mobile Phone – i8520 Galaxy Beam

We have seen pico projector mobile phones here at microprojectors, they have worked, they have failed but overall the concept is sound, your mobile phone is becoming increasingly the device of your life – it’ll store your files, play your films, music, access your spotify, send emails and nearly everything else that your home pc […]

Microvisions ShowWX Global Rollout Continues…

We posted a while back when MicroVision (MVIS) started formally made the ShowWX available to US customers and even before then about rumours and deals with Vodaphone in Spain and Uniden in Australia, well it seems slowly but surely Microvision have got there – the ShowWX is now much more widely available globally, even if […]

Worlds Smallest pico projector launched – FULL HD (1080p) from matchbox size

Today MicroProjector has an exclusive on a new pico projector launched this very morning – at 8am it was confirmed that the worlds smallest pico projector will be launched to market in the coming weeks – smaller than a matchbox and putting out full HD at 1080p up to 200 inchs it will be using […]

Hottest Gadget of 2010: Pico Projectors

With a title like that how could you not read this? Yes ok so there’s no real proof yet that this will be the case, but certainly if you look at some companies sales figures it would hint that its going to be a good year for the pico projector. Storming ahead of the same […]

Video Phones a big success with pico projectors embedded?

After the last post we did discussing the possibilities of pico projectors amongst groups in society I got to thinking about more specific technologies that would do well to embed pico projectors. This isn’t anything new on this blog, we are always thinking pretty much this same question – “how will pico projectors improve peoples […]

Lasers for Laser Pico Projectors Keep Developing

Its nice to see the injection of research and development that is flooding into pico projectors, especially the work some wonderful laser developers are doing. We happened across this Journal on a development within Blue Lasers this week, which presents a blue-diode laser that emits at 523 nm, optimised to provide a laser output power […]

MicroProjectors – Will they one day be vintage projectors?

Something thats quite common in this human world of ours is the popular adoption of relics as enjoyable items, things we can enjoy despite their superceding replacements. Projectors are a good example of this, as are things like cameras and clothes. All of these things despite being replaced by superior models many years past still […]