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Royalek RPJ 2000 Review – Pico Projector Reviews

A review of the ROYALTEK RPJ 2000 pico projector by RiBore I was looking for a pico-projector with a decent brightness and resolution, which makes no noise. When I first saw the Royaltek RPJ2000, I instantly thought I can give this one a try…I knew some friends who were happy owners of Royaltek GPS units […]

RoyalTek RPJ2000 in Action – Photo

Ribore has kindly uploaded a photograph of the RPJ2000 from Royaltek in action, here you can see him watching a film on it (the other screen in shot is his notebook) – We look forward to a review on the RPJ-2000 in the new year, thanks again RiBore! !Update! – Ribore has kindly uploaded another […]

Compare Pico Projector’s

Looking at buying a pico projector? well this blog is a pretty good place to start reading about the technology, understanding a bit about the big companies that manufacture pico projectors – but what next – when you have that understanding and you want to go out there and buy a micro projector? (they make […]

AAXA P2 Pico Projector Review

Welcome to a guest review by Mike on the AAXA P2 Pico Projector, speaking from firsthand knowledge about his day to day use of the AAXA P2. Mike is well founded on his opinion on the pico projector as he has owned several others: I noticed there’s been a lot of chatter about micro / […]

Pico Projector Review – Got a Micro Projector Review?

As much as we love reviewing pico projector’s that’s always going to be just our opinion – and while we know what we are talking about its always great to hear some real life usage comments – so this is a small call to all you readers – if your out there (micro projector’s are […]

Micro Projector Comparison Chart Sep 2009

Micro Projector’s are slowly getting adopted more and more, so with new pico projector’s out each month its easy to loose track of which pocket projectors are best value for money or the best resolutions of the moment. Unfortunately with SO many fledgling (and global) companies joining the market its impossible to get every available […]

3M MPro 120 Pico Projector Launched!

It seems like only yesterday 3M released their first mass market pico projector, the Mpro110 – but already they have improved on that and brought out the 3M Mpro 120 Micro Projector. Before we take a look, what we were perhaps hoping for – the higher resolution isn’t here – the 3m mpro120 is sticking […]