Technology Development on Micro Projector 5

First Android Pico Projector Mobile Phone – i8520 Galaxy Beam

We have seen pico projector mobile phones here at microprojectors, they have worked, they have failed but overall the concept is sound, your mobile phone is becoming increasingly the device of your life – it’ll store your files, play your films, music, access your spotify, send emails and nearly everything else that your home pc […]

Worlds Smallest pico projector launched – FULL HD (1080p) from matchbox size

Today MicroProjector has an exclusive on a new pico projector launched this very morning – at 8am it was confirmed that the worlds smallest pico projector will be launched to market in the coming weeks – smaller than a matchbox and putting out full HD at 1080p up to 200 inchs it will be using […]

Pico Projector Partying?

Reading some of the things people are doing with pico projectors is really interesting. Online I was randomly googling pico projectors and I found that one group of youths were coupling together their pico projectors to create interesting art and entertainment – it just makes me think of some of the other possible things you […]

Microsoft Skinput uses pico projectors for input

Yesterday I read about this and it really struck a note with me – Not only has this new microsoft powered pico projector technology got an awesome name “Skinput” but it also shows us a glimpse at possibly what tomorrow will hold in terms of integration of pico-projector’s into our everyday lives. Gone will be […]

ADPP450 – Adapt 100 Lumen Digital TV powered Micro Projector?

Its coming up to our month away here at micro projector 5 – but when we get back, if the rumours come to fruition, adapt may bring out a new micro projector boasting 100 Lumens and a DVB-T Tuner! Frankly it just goes to show how fast the pico/micro projector development is moving – so […]

Texas Instruments slimming its pico projector for mobile’s

Last week it was announced in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress that Texas Instruments are working on even smaller pico projector DLP chips. The technology company (TXN) unveiled its latest digital light processor chip – smaller and slimmer and targetted solely at being embedded in mobile phones. Their latest DLP pico chip will enable […]

8 million pico projectors to ship in 2010 – Asia Optical – 1450% growth expected

Yesterday Asia Optical’s chairman reported they are expecting to up their shipments of pico projectors from 250,000 upwards inline with a global 8 million pico-projectors in 2010 and 20 million in 2011 – thats a 250% increase on 2010! Robert Lai, the chairman of Asia Optical told digiTimes about this expected huge surge in shipments […]