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MicroVision ShowWx

MicroVision ShowWx on compare.MicroProjector5

MicroVision ShowWx Key Facts:
Resolution: 848 x 480 Brightness: 10
Resolution Name: WVGA Battery-life (mins): 0
Projection Size (inchs): 100 Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
Aspect Ratio: Technology: Laser

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Microvisions ShowWX Global Rollout Continues…

We posted a while back when MicroVision (MVIS) started formally made the ShowWX available to US customers and even before then about rumours and deals with Vodaphone in Spain and Uniden in Australia, well it seems slowly but surely Microvision have got there – the ShowWX is now much more widely available globally, even if […]

MicroVision (NASDAQ: MVIS) ShowWX is now for sale!

Well it took its sweet time didn’t it. But alas it finally has managed to present itself – the showWX. Well. In the US of A it has anyway, great, considering we are in the UK :/. Importing this little pico might well be an option for us UK pico watchers that are waiting for […]

Microvision ShowWX for sale in the USA

Thats right folks as of 12 noon US time today the Microvision Show WX has finally actually gone on sale – coming in a limited edition pack and a standard one it should be interesting to see what the consumer thinks. Personally I think they may be taking the mick a bit with the pricing […]

Picounderground 2 – video’s of urban projection’s – Microvision ShowWX – Laser pico

The other day we did a post about the video’s uploaded last year (early 2009) from microvision (MVIS). Added to youtube under the alias of “picounderground” and showcasing some of the possibilities of a laser pico projector the video’s these video’s are nothing new but are worth revisiting and do show how the idea of […]

Vodafone brings Microvision ShowWX to Spain, UK Next?

It may have slipped by a few peoples radar’s but on the 1st of December Vodafone announced that they have taken on the MicroVision ShowWX in Spain. This is the second service provider to strike a deal with Microvision (first Uniden and Australia) and without a doubt means good things for both Microvision Stock (MVIS […]

Microvision Pico Adverts Leaked – ShowWX Video Ad’s

[UPDATE] – These video’s have since been removed from youtube, and in fact turned out not to be so new…still lets hope we get the ShoWWX in europe more smoothly :/ MicroVision, the company behind the ShowWX (the worlds first laser driven micro projector – if you didn’t already know) look to be tooling up […]

Uniden Pico Projector – MicroVision ShowWx ReBranded

Uniden – a global consumer electronics corporation has gained rights to rebrand the MicroVision ShowWx and resell it to its customers via its own distribution channels – (Announced by MicroVision at the end of last month.) While in some parts of the world consumers eager to get their hands on a Microvision ShowWx are struggling […]