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First Android Pico Projector Mobile Phone – i8520 Galaxy Beam

We have seen pico projector mobile phones here at microprojectors, they have worked, they have failed but overall the concept is sound, your mobile phone is becoming increasingly the device of your life – it’ll store your files, play your films, music, access your spotify, send emails and nearly everything else that your home pc […]

Texas Instruments slimming its pico projector for mobile’s

Last week it was announced in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress that Texas Instruments are working on even smaller pico projector DLP chips. The technology company (TXN) unveiled its latest digital light processor chip – smaller and slimmer and targetted solely at being embedded in mobile phones. Their latest DLP pico chip will enable […]

Pico Projectors in Mobile Phones might not take off..

Digitimes yesterday reported the fact that mobile phone handset vendors might be easing off the idea of including embedded pico projector’s into their handsets. This news comes from the realisation that people would not really use the picoprojector part of the phone as they expected, because largely people do not want to share publicly (one […]

LG eXpo brings mobile phone pico model to uk?

Since we featured the novel Fujitsu F04B last week we have been thinking more and more about the technology of segmented modular gadgetry, but we never expected to hear of a similar gadget so quickly. Enter the LG eXpo mobile phone with detatchable pico projector. Powered by the Texas Instruments embedded pico projector technology the […]

Samsung Show W7900 Mobile-Phone-Projector

The Samsung Show W7900 Mobile Phone Projector may be similar to the last samsung micro projector we featured here but it has a few nice spins. The first being this models improved colours and contrast as well as the Samsung Show’s large 3.2-inch OLED screen (yes thats 3.2 inch OLED!), trumped almost totally by the […]

Samsung Announces Micro-Projector Mobile Phone

Samsung has just announced that two of its newest gadgets brought to market are too include micro projector’s. They have developed a competitor to the 3mpro in the Samsung MPB200 Micro Projector, coming in at around the same spec. Further to this development from samsung they also intend to integrate this into one of their […]

Micro Projector Looks Like Mobile Phone!

This small micro projector (the logic wireless logic bolt) has all the styling’s of a modern mobile phone with keys that let you control the settings of the mini projector and a screen to view what is going to be projected from this handheld device. It is an excellent step to a whole new breed […]