Video Phones a big success with pico projectors embedded?

After the last post we did discussing the possibilities of pico projectors amongst groups in society I got to thinking about more specific technologies that would do well to embed pico projectors. This isn’t anything new on this blog, we are always thinking pretty much this same question – “how will pico projectors improve peoples lives”, with interest in the market, technology developments and all the stuff related to optical technology thrown in for good measure. Ultimately if we can work out what we would do best using pico-projectors for then we will help progress the real adoption of these miniature wonders.

The video phone then, first big in science fiction – never really worked in reality. Well in fact it was fairly well adopted, 3g really was the beginning – with a bandwidth on mobile phones which realistically allowed the devices to transmit and receive video through the air. Skype and softwares like NetMeeting allow it to happen with ease over a broadband connection via 2 pc’s but displays are usually quite ample at providing a visual representation of a face to a communicating party. Mobiles however offer little more than a tiny screen (note the bigger screen mobiles such as the apple iphone do not do video calling.)

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Pico Projector Partying?

Reading some of the things people are doing with pico projectors is really interesting. Online I was randomly googling pico projectors and I found that one group of youths were coupling together their pico projectors to create interesting art and entertainment – it just makes me think of some of the other possible things you could do with pico projectors.

For example you could couple these microprojectors together in an array, like they do with LED screens at festivals and music gigs. It would take a considerably different setup to make this work for these small pico’s – screen material that allows rear projection would be good – coupled with a fairly complex rig. This might be a cost effective way of getting super high res big screens in a completely scalable way.

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Lasers for Laser Pico Projectors Keep Developing

Its nice to see the injection of research and development that is flooding into pico projectors, especially the work some wonderful laser developers are doing. We happened across this Journal on a development within Blue Lasers this week, which presents a blue-diode laser that emits at 523 nm, optimised to provide a laser output power of up to 169.4mW.

If you consider that the blue laser within the MicroVision ShowWX opearates at 50mW (Red at 90mW, Green at 60mW) this higher output represents potentially more than 3 times the brightness/output. No small figures if this is a correct interpretation of his paper.

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MicroProjectors – Will they one day be vintage projectors?

Something thats quite common in this human world of ours is the popular adoption of relics as enjoyable items, things we can enjoy despite their superceding replacements. Projectors are a good example of this, as are things like cameras and clothes. All of these things despite being replaced by superior models many years past still capture a large audience of support and fans.

But will this love continue with the more modern technologies? will there be a following for pico projectors as we know them as vintage projectors when they are replaced? What’s likely to replace them – now thats an interesting question – in 10 years times will we still see small, tiny or even SMALLER pico projectors – perhaps embedded in even smaller things like rings or watchs, coins or pencils? It would be wonderful to have projector pens?..

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iPAD to Feature Pico Projector

With all this news of apple’s latest device to make market it strikes us as its time to take a look at the possible benifits of the combination of this multitouch capacitive screened pc and the pico projector. Apple rumours did go out that supposedly they were going to include a pico projector in the iphone 3gs, possibly with a rename for the phone (could it be the apple iphone 3gsp?) – but we see it as more common sense to stick a pico projector in the ipad than in the iphone.

It’s likely that they are sinking a few million into the idea of a pico projector engine of their own, or at least as we see it – they are never one to shy away from new technology, and while Apple haven’t really ventured into projection before pico projectors are going to be big and the coherent combination of optical technology into gadgetry could be the winning feature in coming years.

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Public-Soft MP220 Launched

Another name enters the pico projector scene – Public-Soft. Releasing their first pico projector the MP 220 in India Public Soft are a new technology company joining the scene and launched their MP220 on the 9th of March.

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MicroVision (NASDAQ: MVIS) ShowWX is now for sale!

microvision-mvis-show-wxWell it took its sweet time didn’t it. But alas it finally has managed to present itself – the showWX. Well. In the US of A it has anyway, great, considering we are in the UK :/.

Importing this little pico might well be an option for us UK pico watchers that are waiting for a laser pico that we can actually purchase, but will the ShowWX provide us with a real option or just an overpriced, late to the show gadget?

Standardly this little pico is available at $549 (£367 at current conversion rates) and the limited edition bundle which comes with a few extras:

“This special bundle comes with: A Limited Edition SHOWWX laser pico projector with a personalized splash screen bearing the name of its owner, a chrome ‘Limited Edition’ insignia, and also includes a SHOWWX VGA dock, car charger, leather carrying pouch, flexible tripod stand, and a signed certificate of authenticity.”

..comes in at $999 (£668) – Stick uk shipping on that and you might get your hands on a showWx for £410/£710? Seriously? This makes me doubt the number of people that will use the US to import showWX’s but it does give questions about the US market for the pico.

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